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  When I picked up the Freedom I noticed how perfectly balanced it is. You can let go of the DT’s and it just sits there on your shoulders, waiting for your next move. I walked it up to the launch ramp and the wind was NNW at 15, perfect! Two steps and I was in the air for the first time in a brand new glider and feeling like I had 100 hours in it, like it was made just for me; it read my mind and knew how I wanted a glider to fly and handle. It was sweet, and light, turns were crisp and RIGHT NOW like a glider should react. The air was a mix of broken up thermals and edges of the now routine wave that sets up so there was turbulence, sink and broken up lift. In other words, a regular day at Ellenville


  Well, Without sounding like I'm some kind of great pilot, because I'm not -- this glider got me to the top of the stack. This is easy for some single surface gliders on light marginal days, but this was not one of those days as it was kind of strong at times with a lot of sink. The Freedom handled it with grace I flew for two hours and decided it was time to land in my tiny little LZ on a strong, thermally, turbulent day. Yee haa! Well, This was a non-eventful, perfect, landing . The flair window is large, it gives you so much feed back that I think you could learn on this baby-- it's sweet, forgiving and gentle.


  Does it perform? I had the chance to dog a few pilots in their double surface gliders and was impressed at how easy it was to stay with them when going down the ridge or cruising out to the valley. I had to keep looking up to remind myself that this glider had no double surface.


  Ok, How good can this glider perform you ask, Well, it's a single surface glider after all, but with a high aspect ratio wing, a tight as a drum sail, curved tips, fared DT’s, faired king post and just the right airfoil -- this baby performs! The amazing thing is how it slows down, the light bar pressures at speeds, the quick handling; you just have to try this baby out!


  Here’s a few things to note about the Freedom that are new to this type of glider. Kamron came up with a no tools, quick, ground adjustable VG to fine tune your glider for the conditions and your personal requirements. Cool. Now there is a VG option for the Freedom.


The other cool thing on the Freedom is the way you can tighten the curved tips by simply rotating a bearing in the tip cam mechanism, as the hole is off set so when you turn it around it either lengthens or shortens the fiberglass tip wand. Way cool!

Freedom, I can't imagine flying anything else, it just does everything I want. I love it!


So, What color Freedom will you be ordering?