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Top Twelve Reasons to go to Mountain Wings
for your hang gliding instruction!

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1. Experience: Mountain Wings has been teaching hang gliding since 1981, longer than most other instructors have been alive. The top instructors in the North East work at Mountain Wings. Advanced instructor Greg Black is a Master Rated pilot with 29 years of teaching experience Dave Hopkins who is an advanced rated pilot with the record for the longest flight in the northeast at 201 miles. Our Part time instructor Sharon T learned to fly at Mountain Wings 22 years ago and has lots of patience with first time students.


2. Training Hills: Mountain Wings has two progressive training hills. The main hill is at the flight park with a beautiful gently sloping concave (bowl shaped) grassy wonder. This hill can use wind directions from southwest to northwest so there are more days you can train and fewer days of wishing you could. This is the hill other schools in the area envy. The flight park hill is mowed once a week just like a golf course. Our second hill is much higher and uses wind directions from south to south east and is high enough to practice approaches and turns only dreamed of at other schools.


3. Equipment: Mountain Wings is the only school in the Tri-State area to use Condors as their main training gliders because they are made just for training and only used by certified, experienced flight schools that care about providing their students with the safest, lightest and easiest to fly training gliders anywhere. Remember, you have to carry your glider back up the training hill after your flight, so having a light and easy-to-carry glider is the difference between three flights a day and 12 flights a day. Condors also are made to fly in zero wind so there are more chances to launch. These gliders almost guarantee you will always fly if you can run. These gliders also fly the slowest of any glider made. This helps you to relax and to learn without the fear of running down the hill with a heavy, unruly glider for your first flying experience.


4. The School: Mountain Wings has the most comprehensive program available. The class starts out by watching a training video that shows you what to expect and what we expect from you. It talks about relaxing and letting the glider fly you as it is designed to do. It also shows you how to hold the glider and how to run. This is a very informative film.

You are then fitted for your harness and helmet and we walk out to set up your glider for the day of flying. We start you out learning how to pick up and hold the glider. Once you have the hang of this you practice running with the glider, actually making the glider and sometimes you, fly on flat ground. If you have a handle on this we walk about halfway up the hill to start our first runs down the gentle grassy hill. This is where it all starts to make sense as you do your first flights just five feet off the ground. It is an experience you will never forget!


5. On site Glider Storage: Mountain Wings offers free glider storage for one year or until you do your first mountain flight, whichever comes first.


6. The Pro Shop: Located at the Flight Park, this is where you meet in the morning. The shop houses the class room and pilots lounge as well as the big screen TV where you can watch any number of the hundreds of DVD’s and videos about hang gliding. We even have a HD PC set up for you to view your training flights as most flights are recorded for learning purposes. Here you get to watch your flights and the flights of your classmates and learn from watching yourself doing the right thing and the wrong thing. The shop is also a place to come in from the heat of summer and to warm up during the colder seasons as we fly year round. There is no other school in the Tri State area that can offer this.


7. The Mountain Launch: Mountain Wings has it’s own exclusive mountain launch high above Route 52 overlooking the valley below. This beautiful launch ramp makes it possible to launch in many different conditions and it the perfect place to do your first high altitude launches as the shape and slope angle is perfect for the SAFEST and EASIEST launches possible on the Ellenville Mountain period! There is now a road up to this beautiful launch site to make your flying experience even better.