Introductory Lesson:

$300.00 per person - Ask about group rates
Class starts at 9:30 until June 1st then class starts at 8:30 am , Class is 4 hours.

This is where you get your first taste of what hang gliding is all about.When you first arrive we have you sign waivers, watch the training videos and have a brief question and answer period with your instructor. Then you get suited up with your training gear. Next it’s off to the simulator where you get your first feel of what it is like to speed up, turn, and land a hang glider in the safety of a simulator. Most of all you are learning how to react and respond to things your instructor is telling you during the course of your lesson. Then, this is where the fun starts, the glider! (Actually it is the hardest part of the course but everyone gets it sooner or later). Learning to hold, balance and run with the glider is very important and must be learned before proceeding on to the hill.

The hill:Learning to run downhill with a glider and taking off and flying, just like your childhood dreams. If you have been listening to your instructor, and are relaxed you will fly. As you start to run down the hill the glider will start to lift you by pulling on your harness and as you continue to run with a light touch the glider will pull you into the air. Not everyone will get this right away and it takes time and practice but don’t give up, keep trying. Having patients is very important. No first day student will get to the top of the training hill, this might take 3 or 4 days of training before you earn your way to the top of the training hill for nice long flights across the ground. You will, if you can keep yourself from grabbing, jumping or holding on, earn yourself some really exciting flights from the lower part of the hill. Remember hang gliding starts just 5 feet off the ground. It is something you will remember the rest of your life. This is hang gliding, the most addicting thing you will ever do.

Additional Info: It is mandatory that students wear long pants for classes and hiking boots are highly recommended. A non refundable $100.00 deposit is required to schedule a lesson. Cash is required for the Intro lesson balance. Both the intro and the Eagle package include use of all training equipment while enrolled in the programs. We accept Visa and Mastercard.
IMPORTANT!! Classes start at 8:30 am SHARP! Late arrivals will have to reschedule on another day. Once class starts it has a strict timetable to ensure all student will have the opportunity to fly.

"Day by Day" instruction: (after completing the intro class.)

Only $150.00 per day

You will be required to have all your own equipment to fly the mountain.

Also included are the following:

You will need to be a United States Hang Glider and Paraglider Association member to be in the Eagle Package. For your mountain flights you will be required to have all your own equipment. You will need to have a glider, harness, parachute, wheels, helmet and radio. These are not required until you are ready to Fly off the Mountain.


Makes a perfect gift for loved ones!

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